There are bound to be lots of questions going through your mind. I’m more than happy to chat or email about them but, as a start, you may find the questions and answers below helpful:

All Ceremonies:

What is a celebrant-led service?
A celebrant-led service offers you the opportunity of a truly-personalised occasion. The celebrant will take their time getting to know you and to truly listen to how you would like your event to feel and take their inspiration from this. You may have a clear idea of your ceremony but, if not, the celebrant will have a wealth of knowledge to help suggest ideas for making it even more personal; readings, poems, music, songs and rituals that may be the perfect fit!

The ceremony may contain religious overtones or none whatsoever – the choice is yours, as with including existing traditions. You can pick those that resonate with you or none at all. So, in many ways, a celebrant-led service is all about choice: your ceremony, your way – no two occasions are the same.

Why choose me?

I hope my website and testimonials have given you a flavour of me and my approach to crafting and conducting ceremonies.  I am an open and inclusive person who aims to be thoughtful and kind in all that I do.   I have an eye for detail and a creative streak that will run riot as much as you need or want it to.  Fully trained with The Celebrants Collective, I regard myself as a professional with a friendly face and warm manner to match.

Are you inclusive?

Absolutely!  Love is love after all – everyone has the right to express and celebrate their love for another person.  Through my life and career, I worked with a wide range of people that have enlightened my mind and brought joy to my heart.  The only people I could not work with are those that are blighted by discriminatory views or opinions.  Again, love is love.

Can we chat with you before making a decision?

Another absolutely!  You need to know you’ve got the right person for the job! Please request a call or send me an email and we can arrange a time to chat about the ceremony you have in mind and how I can help you achieve the very best of occasions.   

How far do you travel to conduct ceremonies?

I am happy to travel within a 30-mile radius of GL6 free of charge; I’m still happy to travel beyond that area but will charge for additional travel costs and accommodation if required.  If conducting your ceremony overseas then I would be thrilled to travel to your destination, with all costs of travel and accommodation covered by yourselves.

What do you wear?

This may sound like an odd question, but I understand you might like reassurance that my outfit suits the occasion.   I have a wardrobe which spans from relaxed informal to smart and elegant – all bases are covered!  I will always check to see if there are any colours you’d like me to avoid, and you can even persuade me to dress-up if your celebration gathering is themed!

What resources do you have available?

You may already know what readings or music you would like during your ceremony but, if not, I am more than happy to make suggestions once I’ve got to know you a little better.  I have my personal choices which I’ve gathered over the years – what’s important is that they resonate with you and the occasion! 

All scripts are handcrafted; I do not use templates.

What happens if we need to postpone our ceremony?

Should you need to postpone your ceremony, then I will honour your new date as long as my availability allows.  I would recommend you contact me as soon as possible though so I can check my diary, if not, cancellation fees may apply.  I will retain the booking fee and require complete payment prior to 28 days of your new date.

For cancellations, please refer to my terms and conditions.

Are we able to see the script for our ceremony beforehand?

Of course! I will always provide a full script/eulogy before a funeral or memorial service for final approval. But as regards, other ceremonies, the choice is yours! You may like to see just an outline, a full version or keep it a total surprise for your big day. And you can even change your mind along the way!

Are there any time constraints on the ceremony?

No, not as far as I’m concerned. I only conduct one ceremony a day, so I’m all yours for as long as you need me!

Do we have to have religious content included?

I am happy to include as much religious content as you would like or none at all – the choice is entirely yours.

Can our children play a part in the ceremony?

There are many ways that children can play a part during any ceremony – I am happy to chat through any suggestions you may have or share ideas about how might you give them a role.

Wedding & Civil Partnerships:

Will our marriage or civil partnership be legal?
Although the laws around marriages are under review, a celebrant cannot currently legally marry you in the eyes of the law.

As with births and deaths, you are still legally required to “register” your wedding. A short ceremony can simply achieve this at your local registry office where, for a small fee, you exchange the necessary legal wording with two witnesses present. The registry office requires at least 28 full days’ notice of your intention to marry and is subject to their availability.

It leaves you then free to hold your wedding ceremony wherever and whenever you want and to have as many guests as you choose!

So why not just have a wedding at the Registry Office?
Having a celebrant-led wedding gives you the choice and freedom to create the ceremony of your dreams. It is an experience that is more personalised as we will have had time to get to know one another. Nor one that is bound by time constraints; a service at the Registry Office is typically 20 minutes in length with specific wording required to be said and no religious or spiritual language allowed.

It is a day uniquely yours to celebrate exactly how you want the occasion to be using the words that you have chosen. You are also not constrained by requiring to book a licensed venue so you can hold your ceremony wherever you want!

What can we include in our wedding ceremony?
Anything you like! You may have a clear idea or have heard of rituals such as handfasting, unity candles, ring-warming or sand-ceremonies that you would like to include. When we meet, we can chat about your thoughts, or I can suggest ideas that you may want to incorporate that fit the flavour of your big day. Mini-rituals can often be a great way to include family members or other important guests, or even everyone there!

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