Naming Ceremonies

There can be nothing more joyful or beautiful than a naming ceremony.

Naming ceremonies have changed over the years and like other celebrations I conduct, are personal to you, conveying your hopes, wishes and joy in the gift of a name you are giving or choosing.

A naming ceremony can be large or small, formal or informal, with godparents/ guide parents or without and held in a venue or garden/woodland of your choosing. It differs from a Christening, which is welcoming a child or person into the Church but still can carry religious overtones of your particular faith if you wish. There may be readings, music or songs to be sung together, or none at all. They can embrace aspects of a traditional service or be creatively unique.

Truly, a ceremonial blank canvas!

And naming ceremonies are not just for babies – it may be that as an adult, you are choosing to go by a new name or celebrating a gender reassignment. You may have adopted a child or young adult – I know as an adopted person; I would have welcomed a naming ceremony cementing my place within my chosen family.

My role is to weave together your ideas and be able to offer suggestions that I think might resonate with the feel and flow of your ceremony. Leading the celebrations on the day would be a privilege indeed!

Please call if you’d like to chat about the celebration you have in mind.

Fees and what’s included

A Naming Ceremony within a 30-mile radius of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, costs from £250. Further expenses may be charged if out of that area, or if the ceremony is more complex, or if you require any props such as unity candles – this can be discussed early on in the process though, so you are clear as to what costs to expect.
  • Your date in my diary that is entirely yours – no other ceremonies will be conducted that day.
  • A meeting to discuss any ideas you have so far and to understand the “tone” of the event. It’s also an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better.
  • A ceremony questionnaire – which helps to inform my script.
  • Advice on readings, poems, songs and music that may be just right for your ceremony.
  • Information on rituals that you may like to include in your ceremony and that “fit”.
  • Help with writing any speeches or vows you’d like to make on the day.
  • Crafting of the unique ceremony script that you have approved and are 100% happy with. Amendments or additions can be made up until 24 hours before the ceremony.
  • My support throughout the whole process – you have unlimited access to me by phone, email, text, Facetime/Zoom/Skype or by any other means that suits us both.
  • Support on public speaking to your readers, if required.
  • My delivery of the ceremony on your big day.
  • A personalised certificate and presentation script, if you would like one.

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