Other Ceremonies

If you would like to create a ceremony for an entirely different reason from those detailed on my website, please do get in touch.

These ceremonies may include:

Divorce or Separation Healing Ceremonies
A cleansing opportunity to move on to the next stage in your life.

Pet funerals
As a pet-lover, I completely understand how devastating it is to lose a pet and recognise that these occasions need to be marked. It gives us a chance to reflect on the joy and love the pet brought whilst also saying our goodbyes.

Adoption or Family Unification Ceremonies
It may be that you are uniting as a couple with children from previous relationships or you wish to celebrate the adoption of a child/person into your family. This type of ceremony bonds your new family as a whole and marks the occasion with love and joy.

Living funerals
If you are living with a terminal or life-limiting illness, you may wish to hold a funeral where you and your loved ones are present and able to say your goodbyes. Although not common in this country, there is a growing need for this type of service. I’m happy to talk in person on this sensitive matter.

Pre-planned funerals
We’re still not very good at talking about death in this country as if the very mention of it will hasten its arrival! However, pre-planning your funeral can help ensure you have the funeral you want and also help to alleviate stresses for those grieving for you. Working together, we can create the whole service or a framework, so there is still an opportunity for your loved ones to add their own personal touches.

If any of these ceremonies resonate with you, please do get in touch.

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